Our Mission & Vision


We are IT Solutions and Marketing Service Provider, who help SMEs and start-ups rebrand and reconstruct the business model by offering tailor-made system and marketing campaign at a relatively competitive price. We do not charge as high as the market means, as what we aim to do would be supporting the local SMEs and start-ups to grow stronger and helping them to execute their business ideas. We would like to save their costs in these aspects in order to let them develop or improve their business better.


We love Hong Kong and value every entrepreneur's business dream.



Building a ecosystem for SMEs and start-ups to define the problem, to determine the solution themselves and to go beyond their original capacities.

Our Culture

  Work to live but not live to work

We provide dynamic and interesting working environment with flexible working hours. We have breakfast time, tea time and game playing time every day. Full-time staff can enjoy free travel each year. For parents 


  Do what you Love & Love what you Do

We support on-the-job training by giving extra leave and learning materials. Stock option is also considerable for staff who performs well. Employees are welcomed to present any new ideas to company as to start a new project. This is a career path but not only a job.


  Minimize the working barriers

We welcome minority group to work here and to gain working experience to better build their career path. We support parents bringing their children to workplace if they need. We are also flexible for giving salaries by weekly or monthly format.


After all, we are here to work as a team. We gather talents and specialists from different industries to provide tailor-made ONE-STOP services addressing your need and important issue of functionality.

Our Team



Project Manager

Design & Marketing
Project Management



Full-stack Development


Supply Chain Manager

Logistic & Distribution


Sales Executive

Sales Management (UK)


PR Manager

Event Management


Content Creator

Digital Content Production